Ambedkarism is an organized struggle for justice against all the odds and social discriminations that are being faced by historically excluded communities. This revolution comes from the fire that emanates from the burnt huts of all those suppressed people who are being undergoing the physical, social and psychological attacks.

This revolution arises from the injustice that is being done in the courts. That revolution upsurge from the right to live with self-respect, dignity and honor.
Hinduism spreads across the world so is the caste. These casteist Indians feel proud in establishing caste associations in foreign countries. Caste is the fundamental rule and foundation of Hinduism. If at all one wishes to wipe out caste then it is that Brahmanic/ Hinduist thought’ that has to be hit at.

Ambedkarism is a process that leads the de-valued, de-Humanized and disempowered people from apathy to action, dependency to independency, from powerlessness to assertiveness, from ignorance to knowledge, from alienation to involvement, from manipulative to self-determination. Yes, the revolution comes from the agony of the bureaucrat whose constitutional authority is being blamed for being a Dalith.
A process which did not succeed to uplift the Backward and Poor people of our country although in practice from more then 6 decades i.e. for more then 6 generations. The reason is very simple; Political parties baked their Bread in the name of upliftment of the poor and backward people, won the vote banks, encashed their position in the Government became millionaires & trillionaires And left the Poor more Poorer. The sad truth of our country is that our lawmakers follow such ineffective laws laid down by the Britishers during the colonial era, because they benefit the rulers and not the citizens. Our people still fight over caste, community and creed; and cannot unite and fight as one against poverty. The day our people get this wake-up call and prevent these political opportunists from coercing ordinary people into caste, creed, and geographical politics; all of us will be able to take a united stand to eradicate poverty from our country and co-exist peacefully. Jai Bhim!