How Mulnivasi Concept Can Counter Caste System?

  •   Mulnivasi Concept gives the sense of Oneness.
  •   It tells us that there are foreigners still present in our Country.
  •   That is clearly derives the margin between our enemies and our brothers.
  •   It gives us our true and lost Identity back.
  •   It integrates us with a unique and most powerful bond of fraternity, brotherhood.
  •   It leaves no scope to our enemies to infiltrate and thereby sabotage our movement.
  •   It leaves no scope to our enemies to create any confusion among us.
  •   It reminds us of our ancestors, who has established the most rich and heritage civilization on this earth, when most part of this world was still primitive and uncivilized.
  •   It gives a proud feeling of honor.
  •   It gives us and our people the confidence, of attaining and regaining the same civilization back.
  •   It gives the us the strength to leave one fold [ hindu identity ] to a New Identity. e.g Babasaheb has given us the identity of Buddhist. Even our OBC brothers are not happy with the Hindu Identity. Just because they do not have any alternative identity or religion they are just continuing to be in the same fold of Hinduism. To leave the old house needs a new house, similarly to leave an existing fold needs a new fold, and to leave the current identity needs a new identity. Hence Mulnivasi identity motivates our OBC brothers to leave the exiting fold of Hinduism.
  •   It clearly segregates the 15% cupid rulers against the 85% innocent ruled ones.
  •   It counters and would annihilate forever the most heinous system on this earth i.e the prevailing caste system, the tool used by our enemies to enslave us for thousands and thousands of years.